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Transforming Identity Provisioning for Government with Microsoft Entra ID

Discover the latest revolution in Identity Management tailored for the Government sector and uncover the new and exciting inbound provisioning capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID, formerly Azure AD.

Join identity experts, Paul Green, Head of Security Architects at Performanta and Chris Howett, Security & Compliance Technical Specialist at Microsoft for our on-demand webinar in which they delve into the innovative new feature of inbound provisioning, demonstrating how it integrates with various systems, and explore the seamless outbound provisioning to SaaS applications with a focus on the unique needs and challenges faced by government organisations.

Our experts will guide you through practical insights and real-world applications, showcasing how Microsoft Identity Manager remains relevant for on-premises systems.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the core role of Microsoft Entra ID in modern Identity Management.

  • Learn to seamlessly integrate systems of record, like Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID.

  • Explore automated user identity management in SaaS applications with key features like SCIM 2.0, Automatic Provisioning, and effective Deprovisioning Strategies.

  • See how Microsoft Entra ID integrates with Microsoft Identity Manager, bridging on-premises and cloud environments.


Paul Green.png

Paul Green

Head of Security Architects


Chris Howett.png

Chris Howett

Security & Compliance Technical Specialist, Microsoft

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Watch the Transforming Identity Provisioning with Microsoft Entra ID On-Demand Webinar

Watch the webinar now!


About Performanta

Performanta was founded in 2010 and has over 180 staff worldwide, including former CIOs/CISOs from large enterprises. It has a global footprint with a team of 80 analysts working in two SOCs, helping to secure customers across 50 countries, from offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa and the USA. Performanta offers a consultative approach to people, process and technology, focusing on security projects in line with adversarial, accidental and environmental business risk. With a holistic cybersecurity view, we understand the modus operandi of the perpetrator and accordingly build an intelligent defence mechanism to make customer environments less susceptible to attacks.

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