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Managed Services

Managed Controls Services

Fully Managed Security Controls delivering enhanced compliance and value, taking the daily overhead of managing systems from you while providing additional value based on many years of experience.

A right-sized security posture requires having the right people, processes and technology in place. For most companies, however, finding, training and retaining the right staff to achieve this is near impossible.

Our Managed Control services provides a fully managed 9-5 service around your security technology. Our experts completely run your technology, and will ensure the best output and security value from your tooling.


In addition to the security components of Microsoft 365, we also provide our Managed Control service for many other leading vendors for EDR, Endpoint protection, MDM/MAM, Firewalls, WAF, CASB, DLP, Web, Email, Compliance & Patching.

Performanta’s Managed Control services include:
  • Full management of your security technology stack

  • Service scoping, migration and installation

  • Health checks, capacity planning and configuration remediation

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Service management mapped to business value

  • Less requirement on internal staff

  • Policy tuning and analysis

  • Platform discovery, usage and monitoring

  • Product updates

  • Management and service reporting

  • Phone and email support

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