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Managed Services

Security Assurance Services

Fully Assured Security Controls to validate your security toolsets compliance and value

The cost of internet crime is increasing continuously. Business Email Compromise (BEC) alone accounted for an estimated $2.4 billion in 2021. For most organisations the largest attack surface is no longer their public IP address or website, but their publicly hosted SaaS solutions.


Whilst Microsoft and other vendors take responsibility and ownership for most of the layers within of security within their platforms, companies are still responsible for ensuring their configuration is secure. Due to the evolution of SaaS offerings, it is critical that organisations not only review and check that their environment is optimally configured but also that it is continuously reviewed to mitigate latest threats and take advantage of latest technologies.


Performanta’s Security Assurance service addresses this gap by understanding organisations’ threats, needs and risk appetites and then working with them to iteratively improve their security posture and configuration, through a blend of reviews, assessment and targeted support.


The Security Assurance service is built on the ISO model of iterative improvement. Performanta will take an initial baseline of the current security posture at the start of the year. Performanta will then:

  • Provide an annual roadmap of improvements based on business need, risk and complexity

  • Perform additional reviews for the year, based on the above report and current security posture

  • Support roadmap defined improvements Carry out regular reviews of key reports

  • Deliver appropriate vendor-funded workshops to supplement the service.

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