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Consulting Services

Planning and Deployment

It’s not just our expertise which set us apart from the crowd – our consultancy services also plays a huge role in our success.

We deliver top-notch services that align with our core delivery strategy. Our services follow a comprehensive workflow that we call the APBRI cycle, which ensures that we meet your specific needs and goals at every stage.


Let's take a closer look at the APBRI cycle.

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Assess Phase

First up, we have the Assess phase, where we gather all the relevant information and requirements needed to plan the project. We analyse the as-is scenario and your business goals and objectives to create a comprehensive requirements document that serves as the basis for the entire project.

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Plan Phase

Next, we move to the Plan phase, where we develop various planning documents and a solution architecture, taking input from the previous Assess phase. We consider factors like assumptions, dependencies, and environmental and product limitations. The planning documents are reviewed and approved by stakeholders and governance before we move on to the Build phase.

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Build Phase

In the Build phase, we assess the deliverables from the Plan phase and produce a more detailed solution, infrastructure, and application designs. We then conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and/or other functional validation tests, which are recorded in a test report. All designs and deliverables are reviewed and approved before we begin the physical build process. The Build phase can comprise multiple stages and concludes with various acceptance testing procedures that are documented and approved before moving on to the next phase, the Run phase.

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Run Phase

During the Run phase, we operate and maintain the solution as per the specifications and guidelines established during the Plan phase. We produce reports, findings, and recommendations for improvement as per the agreed standard operating procedure, which serves as input for the Improve phase.

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Improve Phase

Lastly, the Improve phase focuses on continual improvement and often starts a new iteration of the APBRI cycle once the necessary approval is obtained. We begin with information gathering and requirements analysis, followed by solution development to ensure we meet your evolving needs.

Governance for the APBRI phase as per below:
At Performanta, our services are tailored to your unique requirements, and the APBRI cycle ensures we deliver quality solutions that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow and thrive!

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