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Security Solutions

Email Security

Getting email security right is key to securing your business, but tightening the net too much creates email delay, and being too open means that threats will get in daily.

Our email security services are a combination of our security experts and our carefully chosen technology vendors to help ensure Cyber Safe

Combining the power of Microsoft 365 Security and Ironscales phishing protection delivers a comprehensive an robust email security solution.

Performanta uses Ironscales combined with Microsoft 365 to provide self-learning and AI driven email security, that continuously detects and remediates advanced threats such as credential harvesting, account takeover and BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks.

The combination of these powerful solutions will help to secure your organisation from today’s rapid and evolving social engineering attacks, such as internal and vendor impersonations, supply chain attacks, Account Takeover (ATO) and other financial frauds that are hyper-targeted against your organisation.

We deploy comprehensive security across your email within minutes, ensuring your employees and executive team are protected from sophisticated attacks.

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Our Email Security Capabilities:

  • Managed and control Microsoft 365 Security

  • Integrated Ironscales AI protection

  • Incident triage and investigation from our 2 x SOCs. Advanced antimalware, antispam and antivirus protection (AV)

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