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Security Solutions

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 is a suite of products that provides Defence-in-Depth controls for all organisations.

Performanta consultants and architects are experts in designing, deploying, assessing, optimising and managing security controls across the most complex security environment.

Our team will work with you to ensure you get the best security coverage possible from Microsoft 365 and the Defender suite to get you to be cyber safe.

Microsoft 365 Security Services

Microsoft 365 security comprises a large selection of best-in-class solutions to protect your organisation and its data. The Microsoft Defender suite encompasses a broad and increasing range of solutions, focused on the controls that organisations manage (rather than the underlying infrastructure and resiliency).  Performanta can work with you to ensure that your Microsoft 365 is optimally configured

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Microsoft Defender encompasses a broad and increasing range of solutions, focused on protecting your environment, if a threat actor is able to get past the original gateway.

Microsoft Defender is the guardian to your Microsoft 365 estate, identifying and protecting against threats as they arise.


Whether it’s assessing your build or helping you design and implement, Performanta are here to help ensure you have your guardians working to full efficiency

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More than just a Security Information and Event Management [SIEM] solution, Microsoft Sentinel collates and assesses data across the entirety of your estate, identifying risks and threats that may not be readily obvious but can be identified by connecting a series of alerts. 


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