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Data and Risk Management

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data is the lifeblood of your business and yet it’s constantly at risk. Deploying DLP will help you secure and control your most critical asset.


We have a wealth of experience in deploying, managing and running 24/7 DLP services for the most sensitive workloads.

The case for DLP is usually clear to the business, but the implementation is often relegated to a simple technology deployment which fails to live up to expectations.  Successful and mature DLP solutions are the result of an ongoing inter-disciplinary business programme rather than a one-off IT project and Performanta has developed its own DLP framework to help achieve this.


We have industry-leading DLP experience and can offer implementation, migration, optimisation and management of your DLP service. We support Microsoft Purview, Forcepoint, Netskope, and Broadcom DLP.


Our DLP service starts with a due diligence assessment of the client’s requirements, controls, and processes, and the DLP team’s level of engagement with the business to understand the existing or proposed DLP operating model and any constraints on a successful programme. Following this thorough look into the client from both a business and security perspective, we will draw up a plan for the appropriate managed service for DLP.


Navigating complexity requires expertise and experience. Performanta’s DLP consultants can assist to deconstruct “current state” and provide insight; the more deeply you understand business processes and the people who interact with your data assets, the better you can protect that data and control the risks associated with it.  The DLP FlexMDR Service is designed to take over the burden of running a successful DLP programme, providing client measurable business value and improved regulatory compliance, and is provided 24x7x365.


In the diagram below we refer to the main dimensions in a DLP programme:  Data, Technical, Business and Process.  We demonstrate how the vital security dimensions fit in a logical way to ensure a successful DLP implementation.

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