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Our Mission


All enterprises now live in the digital world, but not all systems and data are created equal. Therefore, the response to a cyber threat requires a tailored approach.


Why? Because cyber safety is not a destination. It is a constant analysis of moving risks, adapting to those risks and implementing appropriate controls to lower the risk and limiting the impact of a cyber-attack.

Tailored Solutions,
Tailored Solutions,

Built to Scale

If you’re a financial technology business enabling online payments your risk profile will be different to that of a small hardware manufacturer, but both need protecting from the escalating and advancing cyber threat that will be unique to them.


In short, cyber safety is about creating a robust, ongoing culture of resilience. It is about understanding the threat that a cyber breach can cause to your valuation, to your business reputation, and to your productivity when your people vote with their feet and take up with another organisation.

To build resilience, our security approach focuses on three key areas:


Your staff and customers are both your biggest asset and sometimes your biggest security risk. Understanding and controlling how they gain access to systems is critical to lowering your risk and limiting potential impact.


We understand your adversary. We know their tools, their wants and their methods. This ensures we’re able to tailor a defence posture and respond in a way that maps to your individual risk.


Tools and vendors vary. We’ve seen them all. We have our own extensive capabilities but we’ll also work with your existing technologies, being careful to collate information as it arises.

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