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Incident Response

When the risk hits the fan...


Our Incident Response teams are experienced and dedicated to limiting the impact of a cyber attack in a discreet, professional and effective way.

We have teams ready to go, to help with everything from initial negotiations with your attackers, to ensuring systems are restored to working order as quickly as possible, to investigating what happened, and everything in-between.

Discretion and confidentiality is assured - if you need us,

We bring structure, order and calm to the chaos that organisations experience during incident response.


Organisations with inadequate security are thrown into flux during an incident. This can be avoided. Our offensive cyber security capability pulls order from the chaos. We deliver this through our Strategic Response Unit. We go where hackers go and we learn what they learn.

Our focus is on containing the incident and limiting the impact to your organisation. We’ll determine the cause of the breach. We’ll work with your security, privacy, governance and IT teams, as well any required third-party teams such as law firms, PR firms, forensic analysts, and any other managed service providers. Ultimately, we’ll kick out the intruders and ensure they remain out. 

In these efforts, collaboration is key. We can support your team. But if you prefer a deeper engagement from us, we can lead and manage your full incident response.


Some service providers ringfence their own technology. We’re different. Yes, we can deploy our own tech stack but it’s not a condition of doing business with us. We will use all of your available tech to investigate, contain and eradicate intruders.  Via our managed security services offer, we can also call on a pool of experts and technical specialists.

We are your surge team

Attackers are at an advantage because they share information, techniques and build tools together. They have tight feedback loops, expert skills, their own cost models, and are able to choose a time and cadence for when they attack.

A proactive security posture is therefore your point of difference when countering a breach. We can engage with you before an incident to help mature your level of preparedness. Incidents will follow with reduced frequency, and of lower severity and impact.


We can affect these changes via your existing technology estate or by using our own product Encore in tandem with our managed security services. This means that when your teams are fatigued, we will still be there, watching, protecting and securing your organisation.

We step into the shoes of the very people we’re trying to defend against. We deliver quick results and close any incident-prone gaps at pace.  We're cost-efficient, steeped in expertise, and when the risk hits the fan, you know who to call.

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