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Understanding your enemy
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Keep your friends close and your enemies close - within reason. 

It’s getting increasingly harder for security professionals to stay on top of the latest global cyber attack campaigns, especially as the hacker’s toolbox becomes ever more advanced. 


Adopting the mindset of these attackers should therefore be standard practice for teams as they strive for greater cyber resilience. 


Performanta has pooled its collective expertise and decades of experience into The Hacker Playbook to provide businesses with a window into the minds of their enemies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking down the hacker’s pathway into digestible phases provides businesses with a step-by-step guide to efficient cybersecurity strategies

  • Attack Surface Management is critical for establishing comprehensive network visibility 

  • You can never be too prepared when it comes to managing a cyber breach fall out 

  • Do not fall into the trap of underestimating your enemies and overestimating your defences

  • Define your ideal end business-state and work backwards to identify the steps to strengthen cyber strategies

Download your free e-book here
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