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Guy-Golan headshot BW.png
Guy Golan

Co-founder, Executive Chairman and CEO

Guy Golan is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the Performanta Group.

Guy leads the culture, vision, strategy and global expansion for the group, pioneering modern cyber security solutions to organisations worldwide.

With over 17 years experience in the cyber security industry, including 6 years as Managing Director of NGS (Pty) Ltd, Guy joined Performanta as Managing Director of Technologies in 2010. Previous roles included Business Development Director at the LR Group, and Marketing and Business Development Director for Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). Prior to stepping into the corporate world, Guy was active member of the Intelligence Brigade in the Israeli Defence Force.

Renowned for leading Cyber Safety, the disruptive global approach for digital protection, Guy has fast become a prominent industry speaker across the globe. He focuses on building sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and partners, giving him a deep understanding of the ever evolving and dynamic needs of the information security landscape.

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