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Customer Success Story

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Blending cloud modernisation with cybersecurity

Most organisations are trying to move from legacy technologies into a more modern estate. But our customer, a large global online retail platform, is already an agile, cloud-native company. When they became independent from their previous owners, this retailer used the opportunity to modernise their multi-cloud IT operations further and improve their security. Selecting Performanta to support them, they benefited from managed technology and continual improvement called Safe XDR.

Steps to achieve Safe XDR

  • The cloud-native customer proactively used their modernisation window also to strengthen security.

  • They sought to reshape their security to fit the purpose of their evolving technologies and agile work environment.

  • Performanta implemented several managed security services, including Managed Detect & Response and Managed Security Operations Centre.

  • The customer also selected Encore ASM, Performanta's security auditing platform, to create real-time reports of all their security services

  • The target estate includes several major cloud platforms; Performanta created integrations to accommodate the multi-cloud environment.

  • Performanta diplomatically engages with the customer, informing the latter's prescriptive views with insights on relevant security services.

  • Our experts host a variety of meetings with the customer, including ad hoc technical sessions to build their knowledge around specific services.

The Customer's Story

This customer, a global retail platform, needed to detangle their IT systems from the mothership of its previous owner. Astutely seeing this as an opportunity to further modernise their technology estate, the customer hired a new IT director who pursued a modernisation strategy, including substantial improvements to their security. The company is highly agile and entirely cloud-native, using a multi-cloud approach that incorporates numerous cloud tools and several of the major hyperscale platforms. They required a security partner that could align with their technology plans while providing helpful insight, continuous improvements, and backing their small but specialised IT and security teams. 

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Performanta’s difference

Security providers often attempt to squeeze companies into a predefined mould, then coast on managed services. But this retail customer clearly understands what they want, and Performanta helps them make it happen. They had a clear plan of how they wanted to pursue their technology changes, needing a flexible and capable partner to handle the requirements while working around any challenges. That partner must pay attention, track service delivery, and diplomatically propose new security enhancements. Performanta and our Safe XDR approach exceeded those expectations, including making extensive technical changes to accommodate the customer's various cloud platforms. By combining our business-first approach, technical experience, and managed services, Performanta remains flexible, proactive and responsive. 


Safe XDR represents a rounded and collaborative approach to creating reliable security, meeting this customer's evolving expectations.

Within less than a year, Performanta helped this customer establish an improved cybersecurity environment that suited its modernisation strategy.

Performanta's managed services augment and support the customer's small security and IT teams, enabling them to focus on business priorities.

Our team realised the customer's specific security vision and continues to bring new ideas and improvements to the table.

The increased oversight over the customer's multi-cloud estate produced numerous efficiencies, such as fine-tuning Google Cloud Platform (GCP) logs, thus reducing costs.

Performanta has regular meetings with the customer, including service reviews, monthly reports, operations updates, and governance topics.

The managed service duties include tracking changes and improvements via a service enhancement plan.


"As an ambitious agile and fully cloud-native organisation, the customer wanted a security partner that could work within its pace and complexity."

"We adapted Performanta's security services to fit into their diverse multi-cloud environment."
"Rather than just take the money and run managed services, Performanta continues to look for improvements and engages constructively to suggest them." 
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