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Customer Success Story

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Protecting over 40,000 endpoints across the globe

The relationship with our customer, a global leader in the construction and manufacturing sector, started with a bang. Just as we started onboarding them as a new customer, they suffered a major cyberattack. We intervened, delivering an effective incident response that defanged the attack and helped our customer recover. Since then, the relationship has grown even more robust, and the customer recently completed adopting our revolutionary Safe XDR managed service to cover its global operations, including over 40,000 endpoints.

Steps to achieve Safe XDR

  • The customer and Performanta's partnership began when Performanta were appointed to provide 24 x 7 SOC coverage and harden the global enterprise's security.

  • During the planning stage of onboarding, they were targeted by a cyberattack. Even though Performanta was not yet the active security partner, we immediately brought in our specialist Incident Response team and stood up and switched on monitoring within 24 hrs.

  • After deflecting that attack, Performanta worked with the customer to improve their security, starting with the incident response systems used against the attack.

  • Within a few months, we deployed additional security features such as Crowdstrike and the Microsoft Defender suite and deployed our hybrid Security Operations Centre (SOC) service.

  • We supported the customer in developing a proper SOC function, which was previously not defined and primarily managed by IT operations personnel.

  • Using our Safe toolset, we continually find and fix security issues in their environment, and we leverage our SIEM (Security information and event management) service to integrate security information from across their global footprint, including firewalls and vulnerability management.

The Customer's Story

This customer is a global construction and manufacturing services giant, serving a sector that does not like delays or surprises. The Board recognised the company's weak security posture and selected Performanta as its primary security partner. While onboarding, the client came under a serious attack that we successfully countered. Since then, we've built a strong relationship with the customer, helping it develop a solid SOC function that uses Performanta's SOC service, as well as security auditing, email security, visibility and response services to keep their operations secure across multiple countries and over 40,000 endpoints. The Safe XDR approach has allowed the customer to develop their own internal team and processes to better manage incidents and governance across the organisation. The Safe XDR toolset includes integrated ticketing, reporting and vulnerability insights that enable Performanta and the customer to operate as a true Hybrid SOC, providing end-to-end security on the customer's terms and across their global footprint. 

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Performanta’s difference

Achieving comprehensive security, even across a vast global footprint, doesn't have to take years. In this case, Performanta could achieve that goal in a matter of months thanks to two fundamental principles. First, we treat our customers as partners, building close relationships and tailoring our recommendations to their current needs. Second, we emphasise the value of integrated managed services, introducing the best-suited services at the right time to create visibility, attack surface management, and quick responses to incidents. Performanta's customer-focused service deployment strategy has helped this enterprise establish an internal SOC function, supported by our hybrid-SOC service and security professionals. Ultimately, they adopted the suite of Safe XDR services for comprehensive and proactive cyber safety.


Using Performanta's Safe XDR managed service model, our customer established a hardened and proactive threat-hunting environment.

After pushing back a significant cyberattack, Performanta and the customer introduced numerous essential security services and functions.

Looking to cover a global footprint and over 40,000 endpoints, the customer established an internal SOC team that uses Performanta's hybrid SOC service.

By adding the Safe platform, the security teams have real-time access to a single version of their security status, regardless of differing vendors and reporting formats.

Performanta added a SIEM service for improved incident monitoring and response, and integrated security monitoring and responses with both the customer's and our ticketing systems.

Other improvements include an email security managed service and hardening their Microsoft environment's security.

Performanta’s dedicated Customer Services Delivery Manager meets with the customer on a weekly basis to ensure alignment and to drive iterative advancement in the operation and capabilities of the Hybrid SOC.

Performanta's focus on partnerships and consulting helped is helping the customer build their security capacity and keep gaining from continual improvements.


"The customer used our SOC service to stand up their own internal capabilities, and we work hand in hand with their SOC team."

"Our Safe XDR services help the customer unify monitoring and response across multiple systems, including over 40,000 endpoints."
"We work with them on a consultancy basis to identify log sources that are worthwhile to ingest."
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