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Customer Success Story

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The best security grows through partnerships

As a prominent agricultural services company started to modernise its operations, it required better security. But that is not its core business, so its small but experienced security team recruited Performanta to reduce its cyber risks. Nearly a decade later, the engagement has grown into a true partnership, culminating in this customer being among the first to use our Safe XDR managed service. Our consultative approach and emphasis on continual improvement help them stay ahead of the latest threats; they focus on their priorities, and our remote teams keep them safe from attacks. 

Steps to achieve Safe XDR

  • This long-term Performanta client benefits from our continual improvements, adopting in stages what would be called Safe XDR.

  • They were one of the early adopters of Encore Attack Surface Management, a component of Performanta's Safe Platform, a powerful visibility product that agnostically collects performance data from the various security systems in their environment.

  • Through our consultative approach, Performanta selected services that fit the customer's needs and resources as their security matured.

  • One of the biggest shifts was integrating their environment with our managed SOC (Security Operations Centre).

  • The various security logging systems integrated into a SIEM (Security information and event management) service that unified their security visibility and response.

  • Using the SOC and SIEM integrations, we expanded their security with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and an attack surface management tool.

  • By January 2024, our customer had adopted what we now call the Safe XDR managed service, a set of integrated security technologies that have stopped several attempted attacks, including a denial-of-service campaign.

The Customer's Story

One of Performanta's long-term customers is a well-known agricultural services company that has partnered with us for nearly a decade to bolster and mature its security measures. Over this period, we've helped improve the visibility of their IT system and security measures, building close relationships across the business and its people, both the old guard and newcomers. As Performanta improves and expands our managed services offerings, this long-term client has enjoyed all the advantages, culminating in the Safe XDR service. Backed by our proactive and consultative approach, Safe XDR delivers the best-suited visibility, prevention and response services, supporting a small yet focused security team and deflecting attack attempts on their organisation.

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Performanta’s difference

Performanta believes that partnerships strengthen security, and the long-term relationship with this customer proves its value. Using a consultative approach, we built close relationships with their security and IT departments and key individuals. Performanta developed security options best suited to this customer at different stages of their security and technology journey. They were among the first to use our Safe monitoring platform that generates single-truth reports of security systems from different vendors, providing insights to quickly harden their defences and remove weak spots. Subsequently, we added SIEM and EDR features, ultimately transitioning this customer onto a fully managed service that continually improves while detecting and deflecting cyberattacks. With the Safe XDR managed service, our customer enjoys end-to-end, 24/7 security coverage that complements their small but focused security team.


A focus on building partnerships that last, supporting a long-term relationship that has helped the customer mature their security.

The small security team enjoys the full support of Performanta's managed services, enabling them to focus on business issues while we take care of monitoring and response.

The customer uses Safe XDR, a powerful managed service combination that provides real-time security information about their systems, detects attack attempts, and responds to keep those attacks from doing harm.

The customer's various security investments tie together into a managed Security Operations Centre, incorporating SIEM, EDR, Microsoft Defender and other features, and delivering continual improvements.

The partnership has continued through staff changes; Performanta puts primary effort into engaging all parts of the customer's business, including leadership and fundamental staff changes.


"They gained immediate visibility; the service has grown from there, naturally moving into the Safe XDR service."

"The teams integrate well and leverage these services, and we've detected and stopped several potential security incidents."
"They see us as a trusted adviser. It is a true partnership engagement: that is the absolute key to reliable cyber safety." 
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