Throughout August and September, Performanta conducted a Global Customer Satisfaction Survey. We sent the survey to 508 contacts from 239 customers across Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific. 15% responded compared to the industry average response rate which is 10-15%. 

We were delighted to receive so many positive comments and responses from this survey and we want to share the findings with you as a testament to our ability to constantly deliver high-quality cyber security services to our customers. 

A huge thank you to all of those who completed the survey as we donated a total of £1400 to a variety of local charities globally including; Cancer Research UK, Alzheimers Australia and Childhood Cancer Foundation in South Africa. Many other charities were included and received donations based on completed surveys where the respondent selected a charity of their choice!

In the below infographic we present the results and we have taken on board all feedback, both positive and negative, and we will continue to use all the comments and feedback to improve our offerings and services.