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Cyber Safe:

How to make cybersecurity part of your organisation


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"You need the assurance that security comprehensively covers your needs."

Responsible business leaders are concerned about cybercrime. They invest in appropriate measures to reduce their organisation's risks against this severe threat. But then they undermine those efforts by keeping cybersecurity at arm's length.


Unlike other core business departments, companies often don't entirely treat cybersecurity as an essential and equally accountable part of operations. Business leaders don't fully engage with cybersecurity, and security leaders don't have substantial influence and career paths that enhance their organisational understanding and involvement. This situation ultimately sabotages efforts to reduce cyber risks.


For lasting effectiveness, companies must become Cyber Safe.


Cyber Safe organisations gain lasting and strategic value, reliability and risk reduction from their cybersecurity investments. It's a new type of synergy that brings cybersecurity into the organisational ecosystem and provides business leaders with ways to incorporate cybersecurity that supports their mandates and strategies.

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Performanta's whitepaper, Cyber Safe: How To Make Cybersecurity Part Of Your Organisation, explains this concept, defining action through six steps:
  • Recognise that cybercrime is a major and ongoing risk

  • Leaders have access to cybersecurity expertise

  • Build trust and collaboration between business and security experts

  • Security providers should focus on the business context

  • Use integration to deliver better results

  • Treat cybersecurity as a department, not an outlier

Download our complimentary whitepaper and discover how a Cyber Safe approach gains you more from cybersecurity, pushes back against online criminals, and hones cyber resilience on your company's terms.

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