Creating a

Cyber Safe



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Responsible business leaders are concerned about cybercrime. They invest in appropriate measures to reduce their organisation's risks against this serious threat. At the same time, company digitisation creates more complex and connected environments that criminals are eager to breach. These changes build into a perfect storm of new risks—yet investing in security is not enough to mitigate cybercrime threats.


For lasting effectiveness, companies must shift cybersecurity from its black box into another functional and transparent organ of the organisation. They must become Cyber Safe.

Performanta considers Cyber Safe as the way for organisations to gain lasting and strategic value, reliability and risk reduction from their cybersecurity investments. Our latest whitepaper explains this concept, defining action through six considerations:

  • Companies recognise that cybercrime is a major and ongoing risk

  • Leaders have access to cybersecurity expertise at the top

  • The business builds rapport and trust with its security experts

  • Security providers focus on business context, not just solutions

  • Security providers prioritise integration over big-ticket solutions, and

  • Establish cybersecurity as another department

Download our complimentary whitepaper, Creating a Cyber-Safe Business, and discover how a Cyber Safe approach gains you more from cybersecurity, pushes back against online criminals, and hones cyber resilience on your company's terms.