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Security solutions alone are not enough

Keeping your business out of the hands of cyber-attackers is not what most company leaders signed up for. And when you have to juggle both your core work and the job of cybersecurity, something has to give. Here’s why spending more on product after product is not the answer

Businesses are now investing heavily in cyber technologies. However, skilled resources are limited which means far too many firms fail to acquire the right solutions and the right knowledge. Yes, you can buy twenty cybersecurity solutions, but you can’t afford to hire an expert for every eventuality and for every security product.

The aviation industry has a reassuring safety record due to the effort that’s gone into keeping their systems, their operations and their planes secure against failure. And all of that can’t be the responsibility of a single pilot or even a small team.

When we take a flight, we’re sitting above thousands of litres of combustible fuel. But few of us worry that we’ll soon be at 30,000 feet with two massive engines below our seats. Instead, we’re thinking: “Can I stretch my legs? Should I have the chicken or beef? Which movie shall I watch?”

The reason we don’t worry that someone forgot to put the fuel cap back on is because we trust someone else has thought of that. The result is that we have around a one in 287 million chance of being killed in an air accident – compared to a one in 19 million chance of being struck and killed by lightning.

Strangely, though, when it comes to cybersecurity in practically any type of business, there’s a dangerous gulf between recognising that the right technology is ke