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Performanta granted Microsoft Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialisation

Cybersecurity firm Performanta expands its accreditation portfolio in a year of milestone achievements

Maidenhead, UK. 4th August 2022 – Global cybersecurity firm and Cyber Safety pioneer Performanta, has been awarded the Identity and Access Management Advanced Specialization by Microsoft.

Performanta, having recently achieved the Microsoft Advanced Specialisation in Threat Protection, has now been granted this second accreditation for its deep knowledge and proven experience.

“Identity has become such a huge part of cybersecurity, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the continuation of hybrid working,” says Guy Golan, CEO of Performanta.
“Office margins are a thing of the past and our identities have essentially become the new door keys, which has caused chaos for organisations. Achieving Microsoft’s accreditation for Identity and Access Management strengthens our position in this space and further endorses our extensive portfolio of security offerings.”

Only a select few businesses are awarded Microsoft Advanced Specializations due to the strict requirements, and organisations must also maintain their Gold competency to keep their Advanced Specialization status.

Performanta has high hopes for the rest of the year as it continues on its accelerating growth trajectory.

About Performanta –

Performanta was founded in 2010 and has over 170 staff worldwide, including former CIOs/CISOs from large enterprises. It has a global footprint with a team of 80 analysts working in two SOCs, helping to secure customers across 50 countries, from offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and the USA.

Performanta offers a consultative approach to people, processes, and technology, focusing on security projects in line with adversarial, accidental and environmental business risk. With a holistic cybersecurity view, they understand the modus operandi of a perpetrator and accordingly build an intelligent defence mechanism to make customer environments less susceptible to attacks.


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