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Azure Privileged Identity Management. Here’s why you need it.

  • Do you sometimes lose sight of how many Global Admin accounts are assigned within your Azure AD tenant?

  • Is it possible that some administrators do not require Global Admin permissions to perform their daily activities?

  • Is it possible some administrators or trusted third parties have high privileged Azure AD accounts no longer required?

  • Are some of your high privileged Azure AD accounts permanently assigned, linked to mailboxes, or shared generic accounts?

  • Are you lacking an audit trail and approval process for the use of high privileged roles in your tenant?

If the answer to some of or all the above questions is yes, then your tenant could be exposed to a higher risk of a serious breach or privileged users inadvertently impacting a sensitive resource.

A malicious actor could gain “Initial Access” to accounts with techniques such as phishing, a malware exploit, brute force or password spray attack, leaked credentials, exposing weak credentials, exploiting accounts without MFA or weaknesses in MFA and more...

Once a privileged account has been compromised then confidential data may be exfiltrated, a ransomware payload could be released, spear phishing attacks instigated and many more exploits which could lead to data loss, or financial & reputational damage.