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Are you struggling to keep up with your multi-cloud security coverage?

Let me introduce you to the Coverage Workbook for Defender for Cloud.

Managing cloud security across diverse environments can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple subscriptions in Azure, AWS, and GCP.

That's where the Coverage workbook in Defender for Cloud comes in!

Why the Coverage Workbook?

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Track active Defender for Cloud plans across all your environments.

  • Enhanced Protection: Ensure complete coverage and identify areas needing additional security.

  • Detailed Insights: Access in-depth information about your subscriptions and security settings.

Key Features of the Workbook:

  • Interactive Dashboard: Select subscriptions and view coverage details.

  • Relative and Absolute Coverage: Understand the extent of your security plans.

  • Detailed Analysis: Explore additional settings for optimal plan utilization.

  • Visual Insights: The workbook includes a user-friendly interface, displaying which plans and extensions are active, helping you make informed decisions.

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José Lázaro Pinos,

Global Head of Consulting - VP,



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