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Safe XDR

Cyber Safety at Machine Speed 
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Experience Machine Speed XDR with Microsoft Copilot for Security 

Safe XDR’s integration with Microsoft's Copilot for Security is a game-changer – the world's first AI-verified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service. This isn't just faster; it’s transformative. Drastically reducing Mean Time to Remediate [MTTR] from over 2 hours to as little as 6 minutes! 


The Revolutionary Shift in Cyber Security

Are you tired of the endless parade of cybersecurity solutions that promise everything but deliver very little? Safe XDR isn’t just another player in the game – it's a complete paradigm shift.


Welcome to the future of cyber safety, where you don’t just secure yourself and remain fearful, you are both secure and assured!

​Introducing Safe XDR, the world’s first platform designed for keeping you safe: secure and assured. We are considered Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) enablers* that addressed the key elements to keep you safe:


  • Coverage: Maximum coverage of your security controls with state-of-the-art playbooks allowing us 90% automation. 

  • Mean Time to Respond (MTTR): reducing it from hours and days to less than 6 minutes to tackle imminent attacks 

  • ROC (Risk Operations Centre) and SOC (Security Operations Centre): Dealing with proactive, highly contextualised information to serve the business and avoid incidents from happening and quickly react to incidents as they occur​

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Key Benefits of Safe XDR:

  • Friction free engagements: 60% reduction in inter-departmental friction 

  • Continuous Threat Exposure Management: 70% drop in risk of breach

  • Increased Efficiency and speed: 90% automation of security tasks 

  • Rapid Response: 95% reduction in Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) 

  • Comprehensive Visibility and Transparency: 100% visibility across your attack surface 

  • Independent from Skills Shortage: 100% independence from skilled labour shortages 

  • No need to change your tech stack: Affordable pricing 

  • Stay ahead of evolving threats and better decision making: World’s first Risk Operations Centre (ROC)

How to Get Started with Safe XDR? 

Ready to break free from the empty promises of traditional cybersecurity? Discover how Safe XDR can protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Download the eBook today to learn how Safe XDR can safeguard your business and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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