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Our Unique Approach

Performanta Safe Platform

Choosing a security partner is more than the technology they manage; it’s about how they will work with you as an extension of your team.


We uniquely tie together people, process and technology through the Performanta Safe Platform – this combines security telemetry, automation, ticket management and our SOC teams.

Your Security Control Centre

The Performanta Safe platform is the culmination of 12+ years of development and experience in managing large customers cyber security.


We provide full visibility, control and remediation of security across all of your controls


We don’t believe Cyber security should be a black box experience – we show you what we see, what we’re doing, and how we’re helping


We centralise all your security tooling to give you a holistic security experience.

  • Complete visibility of your security posture

  • Hybrid SOC monitoring & integration

  • Unique security incident enrichment

  • Technology Agnostic

  • Centralised Automation and Orchestration of incidents across all security events (SOAR)

  • Global user/IP/asset search across all security controls

  • Process automation for manual and automatic response

  • External and Internal exposure monitoring

  • Ticket management platform integrated with your own ITMS

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