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Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness Assessment

Future Proof your Business Security with Microsoft Copilot for Security and Performanta

Performanta’s Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness Assessment is a programme that helps your organisation to prepare for deploying Microsoft Copilot for Security. As one of Microsoft’s leading Microsoft Security partners, and participants in the Microsoft Copilot for Security Partner Private Preview, Performanta are helping organisations prepare for the new world of Microsoft Security Copilot, and the huge opportunities it brings. ​


Microsoft Copilot for Security integrates seamlessly into your existing Microsoft ecosystem, enhancing your cybersecurity infrastructure with AI-powered capabilities. When implemented correctly, following best practices and zero trust principles, and taking advantage of Performanta’s 20 years of industry security experience, Microsoft Copilot for Security will help transform your business security operations.

Integration Opportunities:


Device Management

Tackling complexities in the evolving device landscape, Copilot for Security, in partnership with Microsoft Intune, facilitates policy creation, pre-deployment reviews, and “what-if” analyses, mitigating security and productivity risks.


Identity Management

Secure Identities and respond to the rise in password-based and multifactor authentication bypass attacks, Copilot for Security with Microsoft Entra aids in investigating identity risks and resolving identity-related queries, strengthening defences against identity compromise.


Data Security

Streamlining the management of complex alerts across various security tools, Copilot for Security integrates with Microsoft Purview. This collaboration simplifies data protection and compliance, enhancing the understanding of diverse data and speeding up response times with AI-enhanced intelligence.


Cloud Security

Addressing cloud security challenges, Copilot for Security and Microsoft Defender for Cloud offer rapid risk identification and guided risk exploration. This combination provides insights into vulnerabilities, enhancing security posture in cloud-native and multi-cloud environments.


External Attack Surface Management

Aiding security teams in asset and vulnerability tracking, the integration with Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management provides insights into the external attack surface, supporting informed decision-making and risk assessment.

Preparing for Microsoft Copilot for Security

To help you get started on this journey, Performanta will:

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