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Hybrid SOC

24/7 Security Operations integrated with your business
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More than 70% of successful cyber-attacks happen outside of office hours. This means that you need a 24/7 capability that hunts and monitors active threats within your environment.

There are typically two options available. The in-house option requires building an around-the-clock security operations centre. For this, at least 12 staff are needed. The other option is to outsource your security to an MSSP but in doing so it can often feel like you’ve bought a ‘black box’ service – one that outputs incidents without business context.

We believe in a better way. 


By combining the benefits of an outsourced capability with your own in-house expertise, you get the best of both worlds: complete coverage by experts in their field and an integrated workflow between operations and security teams. This utilises the best of your teams  - via their understanding of your organisation and ability to work on high-value incidents - while also leveraging our skills, experience, and resources to improve threat visibility and achieve your security objectives.

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Our hybrid SOC follows specified KPIs and SLAs, and cooperates with flexibility to help drive success and change.

Our security platform, Encore, makes this easy by giving both teams a single interface to work from. This helps lower the risk of a cyber-attack by jointly working to remediate exposures and risks, whilst also providing full oversight and integration between the teams. Through Encore your team can see everything the Performanta SOC is working on even down to how much time we spend hunting within your environment.


Importantly, we provide real-time incident feedback and trend analysis on closure reasons. Why is this important? Because it’s key to remove items that are repeat offenders or false positives or ‘do later’ issues. These need to be addressed to help ensure the SOC is focussing on real threats.

Specialists of the combined team work together to determine where SOC improvements should be targeted and how they can be fine-tuned. Effective hybrid SOCs prioritise flexibility over a strict duties matrix so we’ll sync with your responsibility lines and architecture.

Typically, our team will be in charge of security incidents and will lead on high-value events. But we are also able to train your staff where needed. In addition to the Performanta capabilities we’ll also deliver best practice solutions and recommendations. Our usage of SOAR (security automation) is the foundation of our playbook-led approach. Our developers can also create custom API-based connectors to extend the capabilities of SIEM and SOAR systems.

We can help your SOC address the following challenges:
  • 24/7 detection and response

  • Threat hunting

  • Developing in-house skills

  • Improve alert fidelity

  • Technology modernisation

  • Security orchestration and automation improvements

  • Access to highly skilled security professionals

  • Cyber threat Intelligence


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