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Complete security visibility
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Our Encore security platform integrates your entire security stack into one simple interface, allowing you to focus on what really matters: improving your security posture.

Security is hard. Every tool promises to keep you safe but they all work in silos. Security incidents happen in the dark places, the unmonitored assets, and the misconfigured devices. Encore shines a light on all of these, providing you with the insight to ensure you get the most security coverage possible.

Encore connects to all leading security technologies to provide integrated and de-duplicated information that any one system alone can't see.

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You may have the world’s best EDR and vulnerability platform, but neither can tell you which users are missing which security control. Encore can.

Encore is a cloud-based, secure-by-design and modular platform that has been custom built to address the growing need for operational security efficiency and monitoring. And, importantly, it gives you an up-to-date risk reading so that your team can report any posture changes back to your executive board in real time.

Encore visualises information that can be confusing and often overwhelming. It provides accurate and action-based reporting and visibility across numerous security controls, all through one secure portal. Integrated with more than 40 leading security tools, Encore provides insight, actions and reports like no other.

Manage threats and minimize the attack surface

Provide proof of visibility and security

Improve ROI from existing security technologies

Automate security reporting

Faster security decisions, improve your response

Immediate insight into regulatory and audit compliance

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