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Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped global organisations overcome their challenges
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Making Identity Central To Everything:

Secure Hybrid Identity™

Computer systems don’t make mistakes when it comes to access. If a company can establish specific identity management rules and automated rights provisioning, it will ensure secure access to systems without inhibiting users or incurring unnecessary licensing costs. Yet hybrid environments combining on-premises and cloud systems pose challenges to such an outcome.

A leading university’s

partnership with performanta

In 2019, a global leading university decided to stay ahead of threat actors by engaging cybersecurity expertise. At the tender process, Performanta impressed with their approach to people, process and technology.

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A leading manufacturer's

partnership with performanta

When a global manufacturing company were confronted with a cyber incident, an urgent response was needed. They turned to Performanta to gain more strength and depth of understanding into both the adversary and the business’s infrastructure.