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Performanta recognised as a major player in Managed Security Services space

Maidenhead. May 2022: Performanta has been shortlisted for Best Managed Security Service in this year’s SC Europe Awards. This achievement follows a year of strong momentum, with Performanta witnessing record growth in customer acquisitions of 177%, and a 46% rise in revenues year-on-year.

Performanta’s bespoke MSS capabilities mean customers can combine the benefits of an outsourced MSSP with their own in-house expertise, ensuring all customers get the most out of their investment.

The Head of Cybersecurity Operations at one of our manufacturing clients remarked: “[Performanta] engaged at pace, analysed our environment, and the subsequent onboarding of product and process was managed with minimum fuss and high professionalism.”

Guy Golan, Chief Executive Officer at Performanta, commented: “Being shortlisted for these highly competitive awards is a brilliant achievement, and I could not be prouder of the team for their unwavering commitment to supporting our customers. Performanta’s focus on Cyber Safety is what distinguishes us from traditional MSS offerings, and we shall continue to strive to be a trusted partner for all our clients.”

To see the full shortlists, see here on the SC Awards website:

About Performanta

Performanta is a risk-based MSSP with a focus on lowering the risk and limiting the damage of a successful cyber-attack. We do this by understanding our customers’ data, users, and their attackers. We have a consultancy-led engagement that takes a customer on a journey from Aware (understanding their risk, posture, data, access), to Secure (manage access to data, platforms, systems, and users) to Safe, providing our customers with the assurance that they are able to continue their day job without the continual concern of a cyber-attack impacting their operational capabilities. We have global operations with teams in the UK, South Africa, USA, Israel, and beyond. Our primary focus for clients is on identity, data, and understanding their threats.


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