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Cyber Safety vs Cyber Security: Understanding the key differences

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In this podcast our CEO, Guy Golan chat with Matthew Todd at Inside the Scale Up. They explore the distinctions between cyber security and cyber safety and the impact of naming in shaping customer perceptions. Plus, insights on scaling a business to hundreds of employees. Tune in for a concise discussion packed with valuable information and inspiration.

This was recorded on

24th July 2023

00:00 / 47:11
Key Takeaways
  • Achieve genuine cyber safety that goes beyond regulatory compliance for current operations.

  • Set relevant security KPIs to align cybersecurity with your corporate goals.

  • Maximise your efforts in governance, risk, and compliance for effective risk reduction.

  • Make well-informed decisions when investing in cybersecurity to maximise its impact.

  • Communicating with the board about cybersecurity using non-technical language.

  • Conduct realistic risk and reward calculations for investments with high returns.

  • Employ adaptive cybersecurity approaches to proactively address emerging threats.

  • Acknowledge the impact of the digital shift on existence and safety.

  • Use practical security metrics to measure progress in a coordinated manner.

Full Transcript of Interview

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