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Limit the Impact

Holistic resilience, planned before the attack
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Most companies have yet to reach the advanced levels of cybersecurity management demanded by today’s business environment.


Your capability to limit the impact of any security breach is often defined months before it happens, you must take an offensive posture to security defence and build your platforms and IT policy on the basis that one day you will be breached, and you need to do all you can to minimise it’s impact.

Visibility is key to managing your systems. We take a holistic approach to cyber management so that the supply chain as well as the organisational perimeter are covered. We deploy the appropriate mitigations and include all stakeholders in a cybersecurity operating mode to ensure you are always protected.

Our approach to limiting the impact of a successful breach is based on three key areas:
Continuously Hunt & Detect Early

We deploy appropriate technology and receive telemetry monitoring activity across your IT estate. We hunt for anomalies within this and have a team of experts that understand what to do next.

Limiting the ‘blast radius’

We set up your IT platforms (users, data and systems) so that blanket access is not available to any successful attack on any one individual or device.

Controlling the situation

We deploy appropriate response technology and have experts that can both automate and remotely respond to the situation to limit the spread of any attack.

A managed detection and response service will help you respond to incidents quickly. Our Compliant+ service provides 8-5 monitoring and tuning. Additionally, our 24/7 MDR service – FlexMDR – delivers industry-leading cross platform capabilities. Both will help consolidate your security and limit the blast radius of any attack.

We go beyond technical controls to build a holistic program that protects the enterprise. We actively monitor your threat environment, tuning your policies and reporting on their efficacy.


And we seek to become an extended part of your security and IT infrastructure; ensuring you are always protected and as secure as possible.

Our Key Services to drive Cyber Safety

Consulting to prepare before an attack & constantly evaluate your security posture

Compliant+ & Encore to ensure security coverage

FlexMDR 24/7 Monitoring and Response

Incident Response for immediate action

Microsoft Security for complete coverage

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