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24/7 Coverage

24/7 monitoring and remote response to security incidents, more than MDR.

Our service takes your existing security architecture and integrates it using our own security platform, Encore. We actively work to lower your risk by looking for gaps in your security coverage whilst simultaneously hunting for threat actors within your estate, our SOC provide full 24/7 coverage to triage incidents and provide full incident response within minutes.

Unlike other MDR vendors we do not prescribe our own technology, we utilise where possible your existing investments to gain security telemetry across your IT environment whether on site, on the endpoint or in the cloud. Our Flexible approach enables us to provide 24/7 detection and response on either one technology, or many, integrated through Encore.

Our Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) platform can automatically remediate issues and our team can carry out agreed manual remediation activities on your behalf throughout your estate.

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The ‘R’ in MDR means many things in the market, for us it really does mean Response – we will work with you during onboarding to define what activities we are able to carry out on your behalf, whether placing a shun on a firewall, updating a server or entirely blocking parts of the network.

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We operate two SOC’s with more than 80 staff providing around the clock security coverage, split into our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and Security Operations (SECOPS) divisions, working integrally with our Cyber Defence team.

FlexMDR includes:

  • Fully managed service from 2 SOCs

  • Enhanced security enrichment from Encore

  • Integrated SIEM, SOAR & SOC

  • Automated responses built across technologies

  • Threat Hunting

  • Incident Triage

  • Incident Manager

  • 24/7 Escalation

  • Service & Management Reporting