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Managed security detection and response that enriches your business
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Cybersecurity can easily devolve into a burden of alert overload, insufficient coverage, high costs, overinvestment, and misalignments with business outcomes and risks. Best-of-breed MDR (Managed Detection & Response) services shift the balance of control and safety back into the hands of customers.


MDR is a modern response to cybersecurity, developed through the lessons and observations fighting cybercrime for the past decade. Yet while many vendors and service providers claim to offer MDR, they often fall short. A classic example is an MDR service that relies overwhelmingly on SIEM and EDR technologies. These can alert that something is wrong, but they don't necessarily incorporate response and mitigation strategies.

The ever-present threat of cybercrime remains a growing concern for organisations of all sizes. Those concerns are not soothed by the complicated, costly and overwhelming nature of cybersecurity solutions - many leaders have discovered that costly investments into security service, skills and systems aren't delivering to their expectations. MDR has emerged from the managed service revolution as a definitive answer to these and other cybersecurity headaches.

Gartner predicts that 50 percent of organisations will use MDR services by 2025. MDR is more than a security layer or service. The best MDR services, such as Performanta's FlexMDR, go beyond detection and provide real-time protection before, during and after attacks.

FlexMDR customers gain remotely-delivered modern security operations; rapid detection, analysis and response; and proactive mitigation and containment. True MDR integrates with a customer's existing security investments, scales with their needs, and strives to match their risk profiles and business objectives. Modern MDR such as FlexMDR delivers effective cybersecurity that makes sense to organisations, helping them ingratiate cybersecurity with key decision-makers such as the exco and board.

Redefining Cybersecurity

Specifically, cybersecurity faces two challenges: highly motivated and adaptable criminals, and a deluge of alerts that stem from increasingly-complex technology estates. Furthermore, today it is clear that detecting and preventing an attack and mitigating the damage caused by an attack are equally important.


Many modern cybersecurity solutions rely heavily on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Though both are very important, they aren't sufficient to meet security needs in an ongoing, timely and cost-effective fashion. Leading cybersecurity providers such as Performanta address these shortcomings by blending SIEM and EDR with proprietary Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technologies into a scalable platform that customers can leverage as a service.


When such a platform dovetails with Performanta's skilled professionals, 24/7 security operations centre (SOC) and business-first customer-first design, you have a market-leading managed detection and response service. You have FlexMDR.

The DNA of modern MDR providers

Best-of-breed MDR services must meet several baseline requirements:

  • 24/7 monitoring, detection and response, and triage

  • Provide people, skills, technology processes and expertise channels through an MSOC (Managed Security Operations Centre)

  • Deliver a shared model that is easy to consume and provisioned remotely

  • Perform threat mitigation response functions and activities on behalf of the customer

  • Extend the capabilities and resources of internal security professionals

  • Reduce time between detection and response

  • Provide security for endpoint, network, application,cloud surfaces, users and data

  • Display ongoing investment in detection engineering

  • Invest in threat hunting to augment detection and stay abreast of cybercrime tactics

In addition, MDR providers must align with the customer's business, environment and existing infrastructure:

  • Integrate the MDR provider's approach with the customer's policies and procedures

  • Prepare and implement response workflow processes

  • Integrate with the customer's existing ticket systems

  • Fit MDR choices with the customer's established security technologies

Performanta's FlexMDR meets all of the above and more. We leverage solutions from other vendors as well as our proprietary systems to offer a scalable, flexible and business-aligned MDR service that you can trust, rely on and leverage to bolster your internal security strengths, risk mitigations and budgets.

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FlexMDR delivers on multiple levels:
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Manage, detect & respond contextually

Context matters in security, separating unimportant events from crucial ones. For example, an employee typed in the wrong password: is that a simple error or part of an attack? Contextual MDR, provided through Performanta's proprietary Encore software, can spot the difference, creating valuable time to identify and stop any attacks. We use specific technologies for detection, investigation and mitigation, providing turnkey systems that can integrate with existing ticket and report services already present in the customer environment.

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Professional coverage, 24/7

Performanta runs a security operations centre (SOC) with over 80 trained security personnel, providing 24/7 global coverage. We go further than notify our customers of a problem: our SOC teams and MDR services can proactively reconfigure customer systems to mitigate and remove threats using automated and manual interventions. We develop tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that align with each customer's unique environment.

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Leverage security investments

There is no need to abandon your existing security environment. Through APIs and internal development resources, Performanta can align FlexMDR to security systems that already operate in a customer environment and even enable features that are present but not operating. FlexMDR can align with existing alert and ticketing systems, ensuring you get the most out of where you've already spent on improving security.

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Risk and objective alignment

Security is only as good as its alignment to the business. Performanta emphasises this synergy, working closely with customers to ensure our services support their business objectives and risk profiles. Additionally, the FlexMDR service provides self-service access to granular security data, enabling internal staff to keep on top of security requirements (including governance, risk and compliance), internal upskilling, and engaging stakeholders such as the exco and board with security strategies.

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Cover multiple points

Many MDR services, even leading choices, don't necessarily cover the various endpoint services that define a company's risk mitigation and business continuity strategies. FlexMDR extends to these key points, securing important services such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Backup & Disaster Recovery (BCDR).

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Comprehensive surface coverage

Cybercriminals don't focus their energies on just one area of a business: they will look for attack opportunities across on-premise and cloud surfaces, Software-as-a-Service, and remote work environments. FlexMDR covers these and other potential technology environments, growing and adapting as your technology stack evolves to meet your business requirements and opportunities.

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Lower total cost

FlexMDR is comprehensive, providing the key ingredients for a secure environment and incorporating existing security investments to reduce customers' total cost of ownership. Delivered as a platform, FlexMDR scales up or down to customer requirements. You can anticipate and manage security budgets as operational costs, adjust security portfolios, and spend as your funds and business changes dictate. Keep things simple with a single-contact concierge model that helps keep your business on the pulse of your security.

MDR services provide remotely-delivered modern security operations centre capabilities focused on quickly detecting ,investigating and actively mitigating incidents."

- Gartner, Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

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