We're proud to be known as the 'Purple Tribe'.

A company is only as good as its people. This may be a cliché, but it's true and it's definitely something we don't simply pay lip service to. Our people are our most important assets and we want them to know that. Our team, fondly known as the 'Purple Tribe,' is passionate about how Performanta is pioneering in a complex market, fighting a faceless adversary, and working tirelessly to protect our customers against attacks. Passion and fun carry us forward – and it comes naturally to us.

We really care about our people because we understand that everyone is a contributor. When you work with a plethora of talent, as a collective force, our communal intelligence becomes greater than the sum of each individual. It's so strong it makes us pioneers. In an industry that has a widely acknowledged skills shortage, our employees can be highly sought after in the cyber security jobs market. Yet our retention rate remains high - that's no coincidence.

We're not afraid to be different.

We have a vision. We offer the marketplace something unique – and the market is reacting positively to it. We offer our customers uncompromising security and value and we want to take them on their own unique security journey from secure to safe.

And we don't say this with any arrogance. We certainly don't believe we know everything there is to know about the ever-changing security landscape. We are grounded and always work hard to ensure we keep learning. This dynamism enables us to expand as we work within frameworks that don't already exist because we're creating them. It's what pioneers do. We like to call ourselves 'amazing amateurs'.


We have a culture of recognition for high performance, accountability and responsibility. And our team often out-perform against goals. We strive to maximise our inherent potential in every team member and our values of respect and dignity are pervasive across our global offices.

We're proud to have created a culture where our people feel safe enough to be themselves, where they have a voice and can share ideas. It provides us with a sense of entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to keep exploring and learning. We don't just want to settle, we want to disrupt the status quo until we find the right path that leads to better security for our customers.

Performanta is a place where we love getting things done well. We see quality as a currency. In the world of cyber security, where there is genuine confusion and panic, quality is the strongest currency there is. It is what keeps our customers coming back to work with us again and again.

Cyber security jobs

If you are looking out for cyber security jobs within a dynamic company where you are enabled and actively encouraged to thrive, please contact us…

Performanta is an award winning provider of Cyber Security Solutions and Technology services to organisations globally.

We are at a very exciting stage both in terms of our own organisation but also in the world of Cyber Security as an industry. Our "Purple Tribe" symbolises who we are, representing our core values and culture, and top talent is fundamental to our continued success. We are constantly looking for the right people to join us.

Current Job Vacancies

Current Job Vacancies

Maidenhead, The United Kingdom

Performanta’s strategy is to become a globally recognised leader in the cyber security industry becoming a globally recognised and respected managed security services company.

In support of the delivery of the assigned projects/programmes whilst ensuring customer satisfaction, the role of the Project Manager consists of:

1. Overseeing the portfolio of organisational projects, providing expert knowledge and support and monitoring progress and reporting on the portfolio status.

2. Managing projects/programmes directly. Finally, the development, introduction and on- going iteration of the organisation’s Project Delivery Approach.

The primary role of the Project Manager is to plan, staff, implement, control and evaluate assigned projects. To achieve the desired outcomes through project management best practice and to manage relationships (internal and external) with the business, the customer and the solution providers.

Minimum Level of technical skills & competancies:

  • Ability to manage a range of projects types and complex business initiatives and change programmes.
  • Project Resource management experience with the ability to manage and motivate virtual or matrix project teams.
  • Information Security industry knowledge advantageous.
  • An ability to work through others to effectively co-ordinate team activities.
  • Proven understanding and awareness of current developments in the prevailing Cyber Security environment.
  • Experience of resource planning against the prioritised portfolio of projects and ability to work with the PMO and business to manage project.
  • Experience of prioritisation matrices and working with the business to determine appropriate project prioritisation.

Project Management Technical Skills:

  • MS Project
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word

Information Technology Skills:

  • Regional Tier 1 Vendor Pre-Sales training or certification.
  • PMO Processes and Procedures

Minimum Level of Expertise:

  • Minimum 5 Years in a Project Management environment.
  • Minimum 2 Years in the Information Security Industry.

Minimum Qualifications & Certificates:

  • Project Management Qualification
  • Recognised formal project management qualification (PMP/APMP/Prince2/P30/PMBOK or equivalent) is desirable

Johannesburg, South Africa

This is your chance to get into the Cyber Security World and work in a challenging, dynamic and highly rewarding environment.

Performanta Academy which forms part of the Performanta Group was launched in 2016 to cater for a major gap of skilled and professional resources in the Information Security industry. The Global Information Security Workforce Study by (ISC)2 and other international researches predict that the global information security workforce shortage will reach 1 to 2 million positions unfilled by 2019 due to the fact that demand for personnel outpaces the supply.

This current gap of resource shortage against the intensity of cyber threats and risks around the globe and the rapid growth of sophisticated targeted attacks makes Cyber Security the most sought after qualification today leading to a variety of rewarding careers in security.

Performanta Academy has taken the initiative to address the following and developed the IS+ programme. With a curriculum that is intensely focused on information security practices coupled with a deep level of practical experience and accompanied by lecturers who are proven industry experts, we believe that we have the winning solution.

Joining Performanta academy will introduce you to the thrilling world of Cyber Security, and will leave you not only with knowledge but also with hands-on experience and a well-defined career path. We will help you find your way in this complexed world and to follow a road map that will be well-suited to your own skills and aptitude.

Once you have completed our programme we will make every effort to place you at one of our valued customers or alternatively find appropriate placement for you.

We invite you to look at our programme and look forward to inviting you to our academy.

So how does it work?

You will need to meet the following minimum criteria:

· A minimum Admissions Points Score (APS) of 25.

· A National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi with an achievement rating of 4 (50-59%) or better in at least 4 of the recognised NSC 20-credit subjects as per to the Academy Admission pre-requisites policy.

· All applicants must have achieved a pass of 50% or more in English (First or Second

Language) and required to have an excellent control of the spoken and written English


· IT degree or equivalent certifications in IT

· Experience in IT is advantageous

The training programme:

After you have been accepted to the programme, you will get into an all-encompassing and intensive training programme of 20 weeks mentored by lecturers with the relevant experience and capability who are here to give you all the right tools to rapidly adapt into the cyber security world.

The Practical training:

During your training programme you will be invited to interviews with Information Security managers in Performanta or from the various companies that Performanta is working with and according to your success rates and your new skills acquired you will be placed for another 6 months on-site training and mentorship which will give you the hands-on experience needed to start your career.

You can start your dream career:

At the end of the 12 months programme and after you have acquired the tools and the practical experience, you will start working at the core of the cyber world according to your placement. You will be either joining the Performanta teams or placed at one of our esteemed customers.

So what you are basically getting from our training programme:

Deep Practical and Hands-On Training

Equivalent to 2-3 years’ experience in the field


You will graduate with a skill set and capabilities that will fast track you in your career

Career Support

We will back you and find the right job for you

The Training Fees are On Us

After 6 months training you will start earning an intern salary and after 12 months and if you successfully graduated the programme you will start earning a market-related salary.