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Performanta opens upscaled UK Microsoft Sentinel Security Operations Centre amid exponential growth

Maidenhead, UK. 28th October 2022: Global security management and consulting firm Performanta has announced the opening of its new larger and enhanced Microsoft Sentinel Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the UK, providing clients with 24/7/365 protection and creating dozens of new jobs.

Fuelled by impressive organic growth and a ‘world class’ client attrition rate of less than seven percent, the new SOC signals a step change in customer focus. That’s according to Quentene Finnegan, Chief Operating Officer at Performanta, who said: “This is a significant investment for Performanta and enables us to better secure our clients today, tomorrow and into the future.

“In the post Covid world, clients want something tangible that they can see and feel. We are responding to market demands and changes with the expansion of our existing UK SOC, and that will always be the case.

“Alongside our existing service in South Africa, we will be growing from 30 to 80 people in our SOCs alone, bringing us closer to our clients than ever before and better support and deliver on their Security requirements and needs.”

Performanta offers a technology agnostic approach, reflecting the variety of solutions deployed by its clients. Private Equity investment last year has enabled the company to offer broader and deeper services to keep its clients secure.

Elad Sherf, Vice President of Managed Security Services at Performanta, leads the company’s global SOC capabilities, commented: “Our mindset is that we are wrong until the client is safe, and it is this relentless attitude that is behind our world class client retention rates. We aren’t interested in near shoring or on shoring, it is all about ‘right shoring’ and we are confident that our enhanced and larger UK SOC, alongside our facility in South Africa, will provide the best defence for our clients.”

Hiring neurodiverse individuals across the company, including within the UK SOC, is hugely important to the Performanta leadership team. Finnegan added: “For many years now we have benefitted from the excellence and expertise of our neurodiverse colleagues. To be able to offer the platform for them to showcase their skills while providing a superior service to our clients is a real benefit.”


About Performanta

Performanta was founded in 2010 and has over 170 staff worldwide, including former CIOs/CISOs from large enterprises. It has a global footprint with a team of 80 analysts working in two SOCs, helping to secure customers across 50 countries, from offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and the USA.

Performanta offers a consultative approach to people, processes, and technology, focusing on security projects in line with adversarial, accidental, and environmental business risk. With a holistic cybersecurity view, they understand the modus operandi of a perpetrator and accordingly build an intelligent defence mechanism to make customer environments less susceptible to attacks.


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