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Performanta awarded Threat Protection Advanced Specialization from Microsoft

Cybersecurity firm Performanta has its technical capabilities further validated through Microsoft’s highest security accreditation for Gold Security partners.

Maidenhead, UK. 12th July 2022 – Global cybersecurity firm Performanta has secured the Microsoft Security Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection, becoming part of a select group of cybersecurity companies whose Microsoft services meet the highest standards.

Performanta, already recognised for having eight Gold competencies with Microsoft, has achieved the accreditation for its ability to deploy Microsoft 365, including Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Defender for Cloud Apps, and Microsoft Sentinel.

The process for achieving the accreditation is complex, with the cybersecurity firm having to go through a rigorous audit process. Customer references and certifications need to be provided to meet the stringent criteria.

Guy Golan, CEO of Performanta, comments: “Microsoft is vital to any cybersecurity strategy and continued growth. This accreditation brings further confidence to our customers, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standards of Microsoft capability available.”

This accreditation comes at a time when Performanta celebrates its 12th anniversary, delivering the most advanced level of security to organisations globally.


About Performanta –

Performanta was founded in 2010 and has over 170 staff worldwide, including former CIOs/CISOs from large enterprises. It has a global footprint with a team of 80 analysts working in two SOCs, helping to secure customers across 50 countries, from offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and the USA.

Performanta offers a consultative approach to people, processes, and technology, focusing on security projects in line with adversarial, accidental and environmental business risk. With a holistic cybersecurity view, they understand the modus operandi of a perpetrator and accordingly build an intelligent defence mechanism to make customer environments less susceptible to attacks.


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