With the ever increasing emphasis placed on information by data protection legislation on the one hand, such as the EU GDPR,  & the Protection of Personal Information Act and Governance Codes on the other such as KING IV, organisations' responsibilities towards the information they possess, have become a vital part of sustained and successful corporate governance.

While technology has driven the information age to new heights, lagging legislation has played its role in complicating the tasks of CEOs, CIOs, CROs and their personnel. Aiming to achieve information governance without a thorough understanding of the accompanying legislation will nullify any attempt to gain budget approval in most of the cases.

At franciscronje.com, the goal is to assist organisations in achieving information governance through a practical approach that has paid dividends through our on the ground experience.


Whether your organisation is global or based in just one country, privacy regulation will no doubt affect your business. We work with you to ensure you are both compliant now as well as preparing you for future regulations.

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