Many organisations see partnerships as an extension of their business, creating scale for growth and helping expand into new markets. Performanta approaches it differently.

We see partnerships as a strategic alignment of carefully selected organisations, towards a common goal. Simply put, securing your world, together.


Microsoft’s technical excellence in the Data Loss Prevention, Information Protection and Mobility Security domain together with Performanta’s combined expertise in the Information Security, Governance and Risk and Technical space has come together to create a joint venture to unlock an invaluable service offering to our combined client base.



Performanta works with leading not-for-profit industry bodies offering our range of services across both large and small enterprises.  We are a member of the Information Security Forum (ISF), the world’s leading authority on cyber, information security and risk management., with a membership comprising many of the world’s leading organisations featured on the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 lists.


Whilst maintaining our large corporate enterprise client base, with a high percentage of Financial Sector and Telecommunications customers, Performanta also recognises the needs of the business owners, and the small to medium sized organisations, many of whom do not have the required level of resources to handle the exact same challenges of a large enterprise. We are here to provide this level of support, for example with our partnership with the London Digital Security Centre.



Technology companies that offer high value services, but without a security division, are turning to Performanta in joint ventures for our ‘Powered by Performanta’ solutions. We enhance their offerings with technology-agnostic services uniquely tailored to meet their customers’ security needs. This includes our full offering of Consulting, Technology and Professional Services, Managed Security and 24/7 CSOC as a service.



Performanta carefully selects best of breed technology providers, including recognised market leaders, and innovative, disruptive start-ups, to ensure we continue to offer the most effective solution to our clients. Helping overcome today and tomorrow’s complex security challenges requires an agility to our partnering mindset, to both maintain continuity whilst also adopting new security technologies where appropriate, to stay one step ahead of the attackers.


We build the right solution for our clients by combining Technical Expertise, Technology of Choice and Customer Involvement.

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