A recent study by a UK charity found that an average person worries about 5 things each day, every day. One in six of us worry about more than 10 things every day.

If you have responsibility for cyber security within your organisation then you’d probably love to have only 10 things a day to worry about!

Gone are the days when your adversary was a spotty teenager locked in a darkened room – hacking for kicks. The threat has evolved. Threats are now geo-political. Orchestrated by governments and organised crime.

When it comes to Cyber Security taking your eye off the ball can quickly lead to situation where reputations are damaged.

The Purple Tribe at Performanta have partnered with Crowdstrike to help take away at least some of your worries. Instead of worrying about whether all the end points within your network are properly protected you can have a hidden team of specialists from the Purple Tribe, some ex-military, some ex-law enforcement and some ex-security services all working for you – 24/7.

They’re specialists, using advanced machine learning threat intelligence and data analysis to monitor telemetry from your network, and other people’s networks, to continuously identify and counter threats in real time. Delivering state of the art cloud-based end point protection.

So, while we’re looking after that worry for you, you can get on with sorting out the rest of your todo list… now where you taking your partner for their anniversary this year?

To speak to someone about how Performanta and Crowdstrike can help you, please contact us.