When is ‘good enough’, good enough?

Delivering an offensive Cyber Security capability through our Strategic Response Unit. We go where hackers go and we learn what they learn.

At Performanta, we are working hard on changing the status quo; we think differently about security. We believe it’s important to look at the world of security from a different perspective – by stepping into the shoes of the very people we’re trying to defend against.

Attackers are at an advantage – they’re sharing information, techniques and building tools together. They have tight feedback loops, expert skills, their own cost models, and are able to choose a time and cadence for when they attack. Organisations trying to defend themselves against attacks are typically focused on supporting their ever-changing business requirements - not on defense and preparing for the next attack.

As an industry, we, as defenders, don’t scale well; when (not if) you’re attacked, it relies on a few highly skilled individuals to address issues and recovery. As a result, attackers - in most cases - go unnoticed.

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Moreover, as defenders we tend to be silo’d in our efforts, and as an outcome, measure the wrong things and rely solely on technological “silver bullets”. We have been into companies that report 99% compliance. The reality we’re finding is that the perceived 99% compliance is in reality sometimes less than 50%, simply because they’re measuring against the ‘assumed’ reality, but not necessarily against their entire estate. Scarily enough in most cases we have found technical solutions (Snake Oil) implemented are totally ineffective at mitigating a targeted or skilled attacker, more over that simple changes to existing solutions provide a far more holistic solution than buying the next, latest or greatest technology.

Act as if you’re already compromised.

If you don’t think and act like you’re already compromised, it’s easy to invest energy elsewhere in your business. The reality is that, unfortunately, you probably already are. This isn’t just a scare tactic – it’s a very true state of affairs for most.

Offensive security; thinking like a hacker.

In order to defend against attacks, we have to think like an attacker.

At Performanta, we go where hackers go and we learn what they learn. We gather intelligence to understand attacker tools and techniques, methods, modus and motivators and use all this to help us prepare and align defense strategies. We work hard to try to predict what attacks are coming and what methods and tools are being used. We will not sell you more solutions that you don’t need – instead we endeavor to guide our customers to mitigate against those risks. And if you’re compromised, we will be by your side to help you, every step of the way.

We are constantly working around the problem that technology alone cannot solve; through educating and training ourselves, and passing this on to our customers, we offer practical solutions to the real threats organisations face.

We understand how a bad actor can leverage everything from an insecure configuration, lack of defense-in-depth, system hardening, and best practice configurations. We see it from an attackers perspective so that we can work with our customers to help improve their entire environment from the ground up – making sure their security environment is as resilient as possible.

The full picture: offensive & defensive security in one place.

We’re here to build an engaged strategic relationship and real-world experience that doesn’t come at the price tag that a typical pen testing company would charge. We are here to add value to your security organisation, whatever it takes, providing you with real, outcome-orientated solutions that you can prioritise and that enables you to reduce risk - and fast, whether you’ve had a breach or simply want to understand your current security posture from the attackers perspective.

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