The adversary is global, skilled up and ready. So are we.

Attacks are escalating and not necessarily just in sophistication; they have become more persistent and prevalent. We have also witnessed an increase in organised crime and government-sponsored attacks. The well-publicised cyber security skills shortage is not new, and it's not going away. It's the perfect storm.

In the last decade, even more powerful and sophisticated security solutions have entered the market and Performanta are proud to work with vendors that we believe are truly best in class. Yet, technology is only one element of the solution, as the state of cyber security remains critical and companies are still frequently hit by malware. We believe that however great your technology is, its implementation must truly optimise its functionality. Furthermore, technology solutions should be coupled with a holistic security management approach, to avoid security gaps between solutions and processes. And it's not a static solution – it needs to be done on an on-going basis.

Our managed security services provide you with unparalleled security intelligence and situational awareness across your security posture. Our highly experienced global teams are skilled up, agile, analytical - continuously challenging the status quo – and scalable. We do this seamlessly through our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and Security Operations (SECOPS) divisions, working integrally with our Cyber Defence team.


Is your data really safe? Chances are, it’s not. Factors such as security skills shortages, budget constraints, ineffective technology application and control inefficiencies could leave gaps in your defences. Security is our core function, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Security challenges have many layers. So should your defences.

Performanta managed security services are different. While other companies offer managed security services or cyber security operations in isolation, we offer you both. And we don't just provide elements of these areas; we deliver a fully integrated service. Working with multiple vendors may not give you situational awareness of your security environment – potentially leaving gaps of exposure in your organisation. And while others may have very specific technology preferences or agendas, our managed security services team are technology agnostic and we will work with any technologies that meet your strategic objectives.

The security industry works with best practices. So do our adversaries.

Because of the changing threat landscape, the mechanisms you have in place right now may not be valid in a week's time. So, when we see a problem surfacing, we provide our customers with practical advice to stop the adversary gaining access to their systems.

Ironically, it's not just the security world that uses best practices – so do bad actors – they know what works for them and are often formulaic in their approach. Our accumulated knowledge and data science enables us to provide our customers with early warning systems for attacks. As the bad guys find different ways to disseminate the same attack, we know within minutes or hours what's happening - whether it's a new attack or a variant.


Find out how our CSOC Cyber Security Operations Centre can provide global responsive managed security services to monitor and respond to cyber attacks to protect your business

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Our 360-degree coverage model to protecting your business:

Identify your cyber security resilience: by assessing the weaknesses in your defences, we understanding your level of risk in accordance with the kill chain.

Protect your environment by examining current malware and data protection defences, providing remote technical health support, and ensuring on-going secure configurations. We will work with you to optimise your existing technologies, and see if they are fit for purpose, to ensure there is no fruitless expenditure. We will flag up if any changes you may have made to your network, at any time, could expose you to breaches. Or examine whether these changes are a possible indication of an attack.

Detect areas of cyber security vulnerabilities and breaches in security controls, provide 'threat hunting' services, as well as detecting any shortfalls in current security solutions, and providing recommendations for remediation.

Respond to any vulnerabilities or persistent threats, prioritising areas where your most valuable assets are stored. We can provide incident response by reverse engineering an attack. We offer real-time analysis of were it is on the network, whether it's spreading and also if it's stabilising. We offer a company-wide analysis of how an attack could affect both you, and your wider network – including your customers or suppliers.

Recover through post-incident analysis, highlighting areas for improvement so that you can get back to 'business as usual'.


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