“Human attack surface to reach 4 billion people by 2020. As the world goes digital, humans have moved ahead of machines as the top target for cyber criminals. Microsoft estimates that by 2020 4 billion people will be on - twice the number that are online now. The hackers smell blood now, not silicon.” CSO

What is a Cyber Defence Maturity Assessment?

This assessment reviews the critical security controls within the business per The SANS Top 20. Performanta will then produce a list of critical controls to measure the state of security against the ‘Kill Chain’ and the ‘Insider Threat.’

When should I have this assessment?

If you’d like to get more familiar with your current state of security and would like to know which security controls you should prioritise to benefit the business threat resilience the most.

Why should I have this assessment?

You should be aware of what security is currently in place within your network and this assessment will allow you to know the status and what you can do to ensure more security in future. 

 What are the benefits?

  • Best practice guidelines: SANS top 20, the Kill Chain and Insider Threat best practices per the CERT Division of SEI
  • Guided assessment of 60+ security controls
  • Simulated attack on your network without risk


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