Understanding your cyber attack adversary. No more blind defence.

Security is an uphill battle, especially when you're fighting a faceless cyber attack opponent. And what if you don't understand who your opponent is. And more importantly, what they're targeting within your organisation. Is it a widespread cyber attack, or are they explicitly targeting you? Do you know where to focus your security efforts, or are you simply applying blind defence and hoping for the best?

Threat intelligence = Business intelligence.

There is a dichotomy within the information security industry. Technological solutions offer defence, yet attacks are still able to perpetrate organisations. At Performanta, we recognise that technology is only one part of the security solution. To understand the full cyber attack risk to your business, you need to take a step back from technology. By combing offensive and defensive security you gain visibility of your security posture, allowing you to be in control.

Breach Assessment

A breach assessment conducts a thorough analysis of your business network.

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1) Threat analysis – we conduct offensive security research to always understand the current threat landscape; understanding how the adversary thinks, what they're doing and how they're doing it. 

2) Threat intelligence – using our research, including threat hunting and investigating the adversary's tools tactics and procedures to gain early warning indicators of attacks, we produce Insightful Threat Intelligence to understand attack trends specific to you and your industry. 

3) Defence research – we analyse your security technology and map it to the kill chain to see where there are still risks within your organisation. 

4) Frameworks – by using our unique frameworks, we are able to provide you with insight into your level of risk, which translates to actionable business intelligence.

The kill chain. The missing trilogy.

The kill chain underpins our whole methodology. We have created our own kill chain model based on industry-recognised models, but importantly, we have three additional and essential components that we see missing from other models. Firstly it's technology agnostic - so it is not biased to any vendors. Secondly it fuses together offence and defence approaches – mapping your defences to each part of the kill chain. Finally, it is cyclical and therefore applies comprehensively to all attack scenarios as attackers often follow up with another attack once a potential asset is compromised.

Cyber Defence Maturity Assessment

This assessment reviews the critical security controls within the business per The SANS Top 20.

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Understanding your resilience.

Do you know how resilient you are against a specific attack or threat right at this very moment in time? Have you been hit by a targeted attack, or is it lurking in the background undetected. We have a range of assessments that address the risk of external attacks, insider threats and potential data leakage.

While performing customer assessments for a specific vulnerability, we find that in approximately 60% of cases there are one, if not multiple, further vulnerabilities they are not aware of.

Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment is designed and conducted to reveal as many security vulnerabilities as possible in a given network environment.

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We offer core and bespoke services, including the following assessments:

  • Cyber Defence Maturity Assessment enables you to understand your current levels of security and resilience.
  • Breach Assessment uses data science and expert threat hunters to examine whether there is a current security breach, revealing any active or resident threats on the network, or violations of your security policies.
  • Vulnerability Assessment checks if your software is fully up-to-date, revealing your potential of compromise from a known vulnerability.
  • Data Discovery identifies and groups unstructured sensitive data across the business, enabling it to be classified in line with security policies.
  • Privileged Account Discovery maps all privileged accounts across the network and measures the level of risk from a possible insider threat.
  • War Games & Phishing Simulations security training offers resources for employee education including simulated phishing attacks.
  • Data Access Assessment analyses users access to confidential data and monitors stale data so that you can manage and set policies to reduce risk.


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