Lower the Risk

Doing the right things, at the right time
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Cyber security is often spoken about in terms of stopping the hacker, defending your business and keeping the bad guys out. Important measures to be sure – but they are too broad in concept to be your primary area of your focus.

Lowering your risk requires planning ahead. It’s about doing the right work at the right time in the right order. It’s about understanding what constitutes system-wide vulnerability and how your adversaries are likely to attack.

For a cyber-attack to be successful, three things need to happen simultaneously:
A susceptible device

This can be any interface that has a weakness or a vulnerability.

An accessible device

With devices becoming increasingly accessible remotely. The attackers’ job is getting easier.

A capable adversary

An attack, particularly if carried out by a skilled adversary will often involve multiple attack vectors and approaches.

A security posture that reduces the likelihood of a successful attack should be tied to your own unique risk profile. Our consultants are equipped to help. We will evaluate your data, systems, users, platforms and security maturity.

We utilise our own security platform, Encore, which integrates with all leading security vendors to provide real-time security posture information. We utilise this information to work tirelessly with you to help remove as much security risk as possible within your business.

Knowing where security technology is installed is easy, however we are able to quickly see where technology isn’t installed and by finding these gaps we can ensure absolute coverage of your IT estate.

Our Key Services to drive Cyber Safety

Consulting to prepare before an attack & constantly evaluate your security posture

Compliant+ & Encore to ensure security coverage

FlexMDR 24/7 Monitoring and Response

Incident Response for immediate action

Microsoft Security for complete coverage