We cannot rely on responding in 'human time'.

There is urgency in the world of cyber security. Your most valuable assets are at risk and we cannot rely on responding in 'human time'. Cyber security exposure has increased dramatically; we are witnessing government agency attack tools become compromised and made available for criminal use. Attacks bring real and present dangers across reputation, information and financial risk. The time to recover from an attack can often halt or disable critical business processes, bringing the highest levels of disruption to companies.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

Fight back in 'machine time'.

Neural networks examine multiple – often thousands – of pieces of data simultaneously, detecting important relationships and patterns. It attempts to emulate functions of the human brain. Using data science in the world of cyber security is no longer a 'nice to have' but an essential. Let's not be fooled. The dark web has been using data science for years, providing hackers with sophisticated and persistent ways to breach defences. It's time to fight back in 'machine time'.

Research and Development 

We cannot rely on static defences.

Performanta is investing in research and development in the field of data science to make sense of the vast amount of cyber security data that exists. Instead of always being one or multiple steps behind the malware authors we want to shift security measures from defence to offense. Complex algorithms work simultaneously to reveal patterns across multiple dimensions. Connecting technology solutions and data science together is what we call our 'intelligent glue' – and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Our mission is to use our R&D to add additional layers of understanding and ultimately security, to our customers. Science has developed and progressed, and we look to walk alongside it.