The Human Factor

Clients, customers, staff, suppliers and even our adversaries are all people.

From a Cyber Security perspective, everything that happens is because people choose to make it happen. This factor is so obvious. It is however often overlooked, and therefore not appreciated.

Without a fundamental understanding of what drives behaviour, valuable data lies dormant which handicaps decision around this massive component within the Cyber Security landscape.

Knowing that we don't know, nor ever can know everything about human behaviour in an ever-changing security landscape, we work hard in establishing the link between cyber threat risk and the human factor.

Through vigilant research, we are constantly discovering and exposing the labyrinth of hidden links of complex human behaviour surfacing frameworks that don't already exist and developing profiles that can be used as a predictive indicator.

By adopting a more powerful way of thinking about people, our self-defined role is to fight a faceless adversary, and to work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are safe against attacks. Based upon an ever evolving depth of knowledge and the surfacing of new insight, we offer our customers enhanced peace of mind.