Why Data Science?

Data science will enable us to gain visibility into attacks by addressing 4 key elements, ultimately with the view to detecting breaches before they strike:

Structural analysis: Examining if the data has structure or if it's random noise. Understanding if there are clusters, trends or patterns emerging.

Anomaly detection: Observing if the data looks abnormal or different. Hackers are obviously trying to go unnoticed, but it's unavoidable for them to leave breadcrumbs behind. Often, the smallest of changes can be an indication of a potential attack.

Predictive analytics: Using the data structure and anomalies detected we apply probabilistic analysis. This will surface repeat behaviors that provide a level of predictability and give us an understanding as to what is likely to occur.

Prescriptive analytics: This is the most important element in data science and allows the data to transform into actionable intelligence. It enables us to view pictures and patterns. Surfacing these provides the ability to identify attacks faster and more consistently than before.

Data Science in Cyber Security

There is urgency in the world of cyber security. Your most valuable assets are at risk and we cannot rely on responding in 'human time'.

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Behavioural Science

From a Cyber Security perspective, everything that happens is because people choose to make it happen. This factor is so obvious. It is however often overlooked, and therefore not appreciated.

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