Cyber training - staying 'skilled up' in cyber skills. Working for the common good.

Staying 'skilled up' in cyber skills is an essential element of trying to keep your organisation secure. And there's so much to understand; the latest privacy standards and regulations, not to mention technology. And with security breaches hitting the news at an all-too-frequent rate, are you 'skilled up' to work in this dynamic and constantly changing environment? Your adversary is.

The cyber security skills gap is globally recognised and documented – so even hiring external manpower is becoming increasingly more challenging. The Performanta Academy, the cyber training arm of Performanta, was launched in April 2016, to address the cyber skills shortage for our customers as well as the wider security community.

We want to deliver our customers the cyber skills needed to help them work smarter. We also have a bigger vision. We don't just settle for 'good enough'. Our Performanta Academy is not just helping our customers; we are also tackling the cyber skills deficit head on by training much-needed new talent. We are always working to improve on our knowledge sharing, as we believe we have the right skills to pass on via our cyber training courses.

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Identifying knowledge gaps. We're always learning.

You only know what you know, however experienced and skilled you are. Our teams are always learning, because that's our passion, and we will never feel like we know everything. And we apply this thinking to our training.

The Performanta Academy offers gap assessments to ascertain the skill set you have within your organisation and identity any knowledge gaps in your teams. Our Information Security Plus (IS+) programs are constantly being improved to ensure you get the most up-to-date level of training available. And we can customise any type of course to your organisational needs. We offer a range of services including:

  • IS+ modular program for experienced corporate customers
  • Information security awareness program offering a series of animated videos, all based on ISO270001 standard, covering topics including phishing, mobile device security, POPi, privacy and GDPR.
  • Certification boot camps covering international industry recognised certifications including CISSP, A+, Security+
  • Advanced Cryptography
  • Privacy standards including PoPI and GDPR

We have also developed a free assessment for our customers to gauge the knowledge of their employees, as they can be the weakest link to enterprise security. In short, we provide you with the training where you most need it.

Phishing Video

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Building the future. Developing new cyber security experts.

We have built our own intern program to develop the next generation of cyber security experts. And it's different. While we work with vendors we believe are the best in class, we don't have a technology agenda. We are technology agnostic, providing our interns with training that is not biased towards one technology.

We have developed a 12-month program that offers the equivalent of 3 years experience for our IT graduates. They gain a broad range of from soft skills in business, cyber security theory and importantly, six months of practical experience, so they are truly 'enterprise ready'.

Upon successful completion of the course, they have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of security – starting from the very beginning. We cover a broad range of security elements, from technology right through to security standards.

Our students gain the security foundation that enables them to understand what security truly is; what standards are out there, what frameworks to make use of. We're proud to see our students work within our CSOC team or at our customers and thrive because they understand the principles that each technology was built on, giving them the foundation to be the best they can be.

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