Pieter Snyman

Pieter Snyman - CDS

Pieter Snyman holds the position of Chief Data Scientist at Performanta and has over 17 years experience in various executive management, business and technical leadership roles.

Trained in physics, computer science and mathematics, Pieter takes a scientific approach to the way organisations use data and analytics which has resulted in several ‘first’ achievements.

His team developed new ways of analysing geophysics data to predict seismic events caused by mining operations, allowing Anglo American to resume mining operations much earlier after blasting.

As Vice President at Deutsche Bank, he led the IT team to develop and implement the first automated trading applications for Warrants and Index Arbitrage in South Africa.

Managing the digital transformation as CIO at South African Airways and CEO at InsideData, the organisations were guided to follow the digital breadcrumbs people leave behind when they use technology. The result was that unique customer approaches could be developed based on their preferences, habits and reactions.